Sep 6, 2022

Relieving Stress By Playing Online Games

 Stress has become almost a normal thing nowadays. It is as if it is already part of everyone’s daily commodity, even for the kids. As we know it, there are numerous factors that cause stress which vary from each individual. That is why it is important to really identify our own stressors so that we can lessen them if we cannot totally avoid them. Consequently, it is also best if we can find ways to somehow relieve our stress. For me, I would often relieve my stress by playing online games. Here are some relaxing online games that you can also try:

Zombie Typing Game

This game is similar to the classic Typer Shark Deluxe wherein you need to type the words under each zombie in order to defeat them. Words randomly appear and zombies move faster after each wave. This game relieves my stress and helps me improve my typing skills.

Tetra Block

Another classic in this list is Tetra Blocks. This is inspired by the video game Tetris. Arranging each block somewhat helps me calm down my nerves. This is also nice as I do not need to be wary because I do not have an enemy. I just need to be careful though because one wrong move can lead to a game over.

Classic Solitaire

Classic Solitaire will definitely be a go-to online game for me to relax and relieve some stress. I usually start by having 3 cards per draw, but as the game progresses and I do not have more moves with the current deck, I would switch to 1 card per draw. Well, some would call it cheating, but I say it’s my strategy (lol).


A tile-matching puzzle game inspired by the video game – Zuma. Frogtastic helps me also keep my mind off stress especially when I get to complete each level. Although this is a no-brainer game, you need to find where to shoot the balls as quickly as possible, or else the snake-like ball chain will arrive at the finish line. Then it’s a game-over.

Daily Word Search

What I love about this Daily Word Search is that aside from you can choose your board from 12x12, 14x14, or 16x16, its background music. It’s like Zen music with the sound of water and birds. Aside from having a sort of eye exercise, you’ll get to relax also through the help of the background music. Truly a stress-relieving game.

Word Guess

A wordle-inspired game. Word Guess gives you six tries to guess the word that varies from four-letter word to six-letter word. Black letters indicate that the word does not have the letter, orange means the letter is in the word but at the wrong placement, while green signifies that the letter is in the correct place. So you need to be careful in guessing the word while keeping in mind the letters you’ve used because you only have six chances. 

On a final note, each of us reacts and responds to stress differently as we have different coping mechanisms. Some do some stress-eating, others shout their lungs out, while some just keep things to themselves. No matter what it is, we need to find a healthy way to relieve our stress before it starts taking a toll on us and eating us from the inside. Of course, if you really need it, do not be afraid to consult professionals to help you out.


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