Jul 6, 2019

McDonald’s Self-Ordering Kiosk Now in Northern Mindanao

McDonald’s have started to roll out self-ordering kiosks all over the Philippines and now it has finally arrived in Northern Mindanao. The first ever self-ordering kiosk is available at  McDonald's NxtGen Store in El Salvador City, Misamis Oriental. 
The new self-ordering kiosk aims to provide a world class dining experience for its customers. It is provided for faster and smoother transactions as diners will just have to tap their orders at the screen. A maximum of 90 seconds experience time is set to ensure that their service is really fast. 
If you are not yet familiar on how to use the kiosk, a Guest Experience Leader (GEL) is their to assist you. 
Payments are made via cash or customers can pay by tapping or inserting their VISA or Mastercard at terminal on the machine. After payment, customers can proceed to the Claim Counter to pick-up the food they ordered. 
Kagay-anons are now excited to have this Experience of the Future in the city of Cagayan de Oro. 

Congratulations Mcdonald’s El Salvador for bringing this remarkable innovation to Northern Mindanao! 


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