Aug 2, 2017

Shopping for the Shapely

During the summer months, it’s time to take stock of the apparel we need to be comfortable as we enjoy the season. And although it may be tempting to want to buy larger sizes to accommodate our weight gain, the smarter move is to make a decision to get in shape and reduce down to the size we were when we bought those nice clothes and shoes so we can wear them again. Lots of people travel to Cagayan de Oro from the US this time of year, and we see beautiful spring and summer clothes they bring with them all the time. What’s good about that is now we can order some of those stylish things by going online and shopping Macy’s through Groupon. Macy’s is a department store, and not to be confused with our Macey’s eatery. At Macy’s you can find clothes and shoes for the whole family. They have the popular off the shoulder looks that are the rage in the states right now. This look is casual, cool and easy to wear, but you’ll also see the look gracing the runways at all the top red-carpet scenes here and abroad. Crop tops, summer dresses in regular or maxi length look great with the off the shoulder design. It’s flirty, sexy and youthful. Macy’s stocks lots of looks in this style, and they are priced for every budget. 

They also carry the popular brand names and top-quality merchandise for your back to school needs, and also furnishings for your home or office. Right now they are featuring close-outs on beautiful and functional outdoor dining collection furnishings by Holden and Nottingham. They also have great deals on home d├ęcor such as wall art, picture frames, tablescapes, rugs, lamps and other lighting. It’s easy to see my Macy’s is still a popular shopping sight. They stock name brand merchandise at affordable prices, a policy they have followed for over a hundred years. 

So take time to get in shape this summer, whatever that means to you. You can go for a run, work out in the gym or use the equipment at home to help you feel better. The next time you’re invited to a fashion soiree, you can proudly show off all the pretty clothes you purchased using Groupon’s to shop Macy’s. You’ll love the fashionable clothes, shoes and accessories you can buy for your whole family, and the savings you realize when you add a Groupon code to your deal.


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