Sep 6, 2022

Relieving Stress By Playing Online Games

 Stress has become almost a normal thing nowadays. It is as if it is already part of everyone’s daily commodity, even for the kids. As we know it, there are numerous factors that cause stress which vary from each individual. That is why it is important to really identify our own stressors so that we can lessen them if we cannot totally avoid them. Consequently, it is also best if we can find ways to somehow relieve our stress. For me, I would often relieve my stress by playing online games. Here are some relaxing online games that you can also try:

Zombie Typing Game

This game is similar to the classic Typer Shark Deluxe wherein you need to type the words under each zombie in order to defeat them. Words randomly appear and zombies move faster after each wave. This game relieves my stress and helps me improve my typing skills.

Tetra Block

Another classic in this list is Tetra Blocks. This is inspired by the video game Tetris. Arranging each block somewhat helps me calm down my nerves. This is also nice as I do not need to be wary because I do not have an enemy. I just need to be careful though because one wrong move can lead to a game over.

Classic Solitaire

Classic Solitaire will definitely be a go-to online game for me to relax and relieve some stress. I usually start by having 3 cards per draw, but as the game progresses and I do not have more moves with the current deck, I would switch to 1 card per draw. Well, some would call it cheating, but I say it’s my strategy (lol).


A tile-matching puzzle game inspired by the video game – Zuma. Frogtastic helps me also keep my mind off stress especially when I get to complete each level. Although this is a no-brainer game, you need to find where to shoot the balls as quickly as possible, or else the snake-like ball chain will arrive at the finish line. Then it’s a game-over.

Daily Word Search

What I love about this Daily Word Search is that aside from you can choose your board from 12x12, 14x14, or 16x16, its background music. It’s like Zen music with the sound of water and birds. Aside from having a sort of eye exercise, you’ll get to relax also through the help of the background music. Truly a stress-relieving game.

Word Guess

A wordle-inspired game. Word Guess gives you six tries to guess the word that varies from four-letter word to six-letter word. Black letters indicate that the word does not have the letter, orange means the letter is in the word but at the wrong placement, while green signifies that the letter is in the correct place. So you need to be careful in guessing the word while keeping in mind the letters you’ve used because you only have six chances. 

On a final note, each of us reacts and responds to stress differently as we have different coping mechanisms. Some do some stress-eating, others shout their lungs out, while some just keep things to themselves. No matter what it is, we need to find a healthy way to relieve our stress before it starts taking a toll on us and eating us from the inside. Of course, if you really need it, do not be afraid to consult professionals to help you out.

Jun 1, 2022



School break had just started for most students and is yet to start for some, especially those from public schools. However, the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical, and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA) has already declared that the Philippines is now in the rainy season. Thus, swimming on the beach or hiking might become extra challenging for students, groups of friends, and/or families who are planning their school break. 

Also, there is still the pandemic going on, although the confirmed cases have started to drop for most cities that are now implementing lighter restrictions. However, we do not want another surge to happen. So, if you are a homebody or a converted homebody due to the lockdowns, here are some fun online games that you can play while spending your school break at home.

Word Search

Daily Online Word Search Puzzle Video Game, is a no-brainer game, but it would definitely need those keen eyes. This game can be played solo or with family and friends. You can have some friendly competitions on who finds the words the fastest or who finds the most words on the puzzle board.


Of course, we have in our list the classic Minesweeper. To be honest, I don't know how to play this game. I just click a square tile randomly and hope I don't get those spiky bombs. Then, I pretended to be an expert by just randomly flagging some squares as if they were fancy decorations on the game board. (LOL).

Even if I don't really know how to play this game, I still enjoy it. I love the feeling of being able to avoid bombs without having to use a lot of brain cells. 


This game keeps your brain working. Daily Sokoban Logic Puzzle Video Game is a classic box or crate pushing puzzle game wherein you try to place them in specified or marked locations. You may have played a similar game before on your good old Nokia phone. This game will test your strategic thinking skills as you will be required to use your brain cells in moving the crates strategically to avoid a dead-end and push them to their correct placements. This is indeed a good brain exercise while you are not in school.

Same Game

Daily Same Game Stone Breaker Logic Puzzle Video Game is somewhat similar to the computer game – QBz. The goal of the game is to clear the board by clicking the squares with the same color that are adjacent or connected to each other. You can be strategic in choosing a square/s to break or you can just click randomly. It is really up to you as long as you are having fun.

Have Fun!

You may feel a bit bored while staying at home during school breaks so playing games is one of the best options. However, do not just do this just because you are bored, you can do this to sharpen your brains while you are not in school. A simple Solitaire game will help keep your brain working.

Moreover, playing these games can be a good opportunity to have fun and connect with family and friends. Games are fun to play if it is shared with a family member or a friend.

May 6, 2022

Renting Vs Buying a House: What's Best for You?

Making housing decisions requires careful consideration especially since it can affect a great impact on our finances. A lot of couples would want to rent a house, others would also opt to buy one. Whatever it is, renting or buying a house depends entirely on the individual’s lifestyle. 

In many cases, contrary to conventional wisdom and societal pressure, renting can be a better option than owning. However, for some buying a house is something that they can have for a sense of stability and pride. 

However, before you decide whether to rent or buy, you need to consider your budget. Write down your financial and saving goals and see if you have enough money for your housing goals. Make sure that you don’t spend all your money on housing alone, but you still have enough to spend for other family needs and save for retirement.

Here are some things to keep in mind as you weigh the benefit of renting against the benefits of owning and see which is a better fit for you.

Renting a House

One of the benefits of renting a house is there are no maintenance costs. Although you may not be able to personalize the house design, your landlord is generally the one who is in charge of repairs. Here in the Philippines, the maintenance costs are shouldered by the landlord and are deducted from the monthly rent. 

Moreover, if you are renting a house, down payments are less compared to buying. Most landlords would require a one-month advance pay and a one-month security deposit. These deposits are returned to you when you moved out, provided that you haven’t made major damages to the property you are renting.

If you plan to move from one place to another or change jobs in the future, renting is a better option for you as it is easier for you to relocate. However, this would also mean that you can be evicted any time when the landlord decides to sell or use the property. 

Lastly, if you are renting you will be able to plan your finances wisely as you will only have to pay for a fixed monthly rent. Although your rent might increase the following year, you still have the opportunity to budget your money wisely. 

Buying a House

Buying a house can be the best investment you can make in your entire lifetime. Although the process of owning one can be challenging, the many benefits you can have can be worthwhile. 

When you buy a house, you are building equity for your home and potentially see your home appreciate its value. This means you can increase your personal wealth and use the resources for your other needs.

Moreover, buying a house gives you living security. Compared to renting, you may eventually be evicted by the landlord at any given time, while owning one gives you security because you own the house. Also, you have the freedom to make decisions about the look and design of your living space.

Owning a house comes with a lot of expenses, like mortgage payments and rates, taxes, and many others. However, you can still have control over these expenses by estimating payments of your mortgages as well as other expenses. You may also opt to get a fixed home loan so you can manage your finances wisely.

What’s Best for You?

The decision is totally up to you. The decision basically depends on your lifestyle and most of all your financial situation. After all, renting or buying a house is a financial commitment that requires you to plan ahead.

Mar 4, 2022

Smart Rolls Out Free Public WiFi for Cagayan de Oro Barangays


PLDT’s wireless unit Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart) has powered barangays Tablon, Gusa, Lapasan, and Bulua in Cagayan de Oro City with public WIFi to boost the local government’s services. Through Smart’s Barangay Connect Project, users in the area can avail of fast and reliable wifi for free. A retail partnership between the barangays and Smart also provides additional sources of livelihood for these communities. 

“We thank Smart for choosing our barangay as a beneficiary of the Smart WiFi project and for offering us livelihood programs to help our community,” said Lapasan Barangay Chairman Julito Ogsimer. 

For Barangay Tablon Chairman Billy Kid Auza, the public WiFi service helps barangay workers and residents with their online transactions and students with distance learning. Jericho Balbuena, Tablon’s Community-Based Drug Rehabilitation Program Manager said, “Smart WiFi helps expedite our work. We can easily conduct research and quickly send out reports to our stakeholders.” 

In Barangay Gusa, the free WiFi service supports the barangay’s COVID-19 programs. Jose Victor Espiritu, Barangay Health Emergency Response Team (BHERT) focal person, said, “The free Smart WiFi has helped us with contact tracing, as we monitor incoming travelers and guests at the office.” 

Barangay Bulua uses the Smart WiFi facility in tandem with Smart Infocast, an SMS-based service. “We have been able to use Smart's services in sending out announcements, like the schedules of National ID registration, to our residents,” said Antonio Glema, Bulua Barangay Secretary. 

Aside from empowering barangays, Smart WiFi services will also be extended to public terminals and markets, as well as key government offices of the city. 

The deployment of Smart WiFi in LGUs, educational institutions, health centers, public markets, and tourist attractions, is pursuant to RA 10929 or the ‘Free Internet Access in Public Places Act’, which recognizes the vital role of Internet connectivity to nation-building. 

These key initiatives of Smart and PLDT demonstrate the application of ICT for development, in support of the group-wide advocacy to promote digital inclusion and help the Philippines attain the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), particularly SDG No. 9: Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure and SDG No. 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities.

Lacson Stands by His Record and Experience


Sen.  Ping Lacson: The most qualified, the most competent, the most experienced candidate.

Senator Panfilo “Ping” has once again proven he is truly the corruption-buster “Mr. Clean” he is touted to be. In recent articles, the presidential candidate known for his strong anti-corruption stance was recently vindicated for previous crimes he was unjustly accused of during the Arroyo administration. No less than former President Sen. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, in her recently launched memoir entitled “Deus Ex Machina,” admitted that the accusations against Sen Lacson were fake.

 “The information that was made public could not be substantiated,” GMA wrote in her memoir. 

 Years later, Marquez recanted accusations against Sen Lacson and apologized. Corpus also issued a publicly televised apology to Lacson for falsely accusing the senator. 

 True to form, the magnanimous Lacson did not hurl vindictive comments against his accusers. Instead, he tweeted a forgiving message to his former detractor. “Late is always better than never. To ex-PGMA’s credit, she has the decency and courage to admit that she publicly and unjustly accused me of various crimes based of false information. Whatever, I have already forgiven her a long time ago.” 

 Even in the thick of the present presidential election, Lacson maintains his nonbelligerent stance, preferring not to say anything about the other candidates wanting to be President of the Philippines because he is also running for the position. 

 In his recent interview session with Boy Abunda for the television personality’s series 2022 Presidential One-on-One Interviews, Lacson, one of five presidential candidates who were invited to the show, chose to talk instead about what made him best suited for the highest position in the Philippines. 

 “I am the most qualified, the most competent, the most experienced (candidate),” he told Abunda matter-of-factly without mentioning any of his rivals. 

 The candidate said it was time for voters to be discerning, to realize that politics was not entertainment and they should not be influenced by dole-outs. 

 In his campaign sorties, a singing and dancing Lacson would certainly not be on the program. “I won’t sacrifice authenticity,” he said, and would not do anything that had nothing to do with the country’s problems. 

 “The number one problem is the government, so the solution is the government- good, honest governance,” he said. 

 Lacson stressed, “Tough problems need tough solutions from the country’s top leaders.” His goal, if elected president, was to leave the country better off than when he started and see a greater respect for government officials. 

 Although he acknowledged that the qualifications for presidential candidates were so much simpler than those required of job applicants, the senator also pointed out that college degrees do not guarantee outstanding public service. 

 “Maraming may PhD na mas magaling magnakaw kaysa magsilbi sa bayan (there are many people with doctoral degrees who are very skilled in stealing public funds than in serving the country),” he said. 

 He would not oppose though some changes in the qualifications, although it would require a constitutional amendment. The job was demanding, he pointed out, and it called for skills in handling crises like the still ongoing corona virus disease 2019 (Covid-19) pandemic. 

 Lacson said he would lead by example if he were elected president. He recalled that he was able to minimize graft and corruption in the Philippine National Police when he was its chief by consistently showing he could not be bribed. It was his leadership by example, he said, that drastically reduced, if not totally eliminated, corruption in the police establishment. 

As a senator, he did not collect the pork barrel, or extra funds allocated to legislators ostensibly to finance pet projects. He was able to save the country millions of pesos by carefully and thoroughly reviewing every proposed annual budget of the government, he said. 

Lacson would push for digitization and automation in government as president so there would be no human intervention. He said, “Human intervention always resulted in corruption.” Lacson supported the resumption of mining in the country, “a major industry” of the Philippines, but it should be sustainable and responsible. “It must be data-driven and science-based.” 

However, he also expressed concern that corruption would create the same problems as before. “Corruption lets violators get away (with their crimes). Palakasan (pull or influence) allowed people with the right connections to do as they please.” 

Lacson’s vice presidential candidate is Senate President Vicente “Tito” C. Sotto III. 

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Sen Lacson being interviewed by host Boy Abunda